Facilities & Production

Supported by our highly skilled and trained production team, together with the use of imported modern machineries with greater capabilities, we are committed to high performance productivity, consistent and with best quality products for our customers. Seasonings Specialities maintains significant investment to provide training for the production team to continuously improve the production effectiveness and efficiency.

Research & Development

Research and Development (R&D) represent an important part of our strategic business process. R&D efforts are mainly directed towards meeting the existing customers' product specifications, as well as improving products and developing new products to penetrate into new markets. R&D efforts are also required to enable us to improve production efficiency and reduce wastage via continuous improvement in the production process.

Seasonings Specialities maintains significant investment in research and provides full process support to stimulate new product development and to turn ideas into commercialized end products. Our experienced food technologists and product developers are strongly committed to continuous research to meet or exceed the increasingly sophisticated requirements of the market.

Food Seasonings

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Natural Colors

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